It was the end of March when the world went into lockdown mode. The pandemic caused panic, anxiety and trauma among the people of South Africa and the rest of the world.  No one really knew what was going to happen and everyone was scared to leave their houses and interact with anyone from outside their family.

Slowly, after a few weeks, people started to venture out to get our groceries, to run errands and check on elderly relatives all the while being careful to sanitise and wear their masks wherever they went.

In the few days after the lockdown was announced and before it actually commenced, I saw the fear that ensued. There was uncertainty everywhere I looked and it was then that I decided to  inspire whoever I could through beautiful words of inspiration for the entirety of the lockdown period. I choose a different word every day and found quotes on that particular word to share across my 7 social media sites.

Initially lockdown was set for 21 days, so I challenged everyone as to what their 21 days of positivity would be.

We are now on day 187 and down to level 1 from level 5 . I am still as determind as ever to continue inspiring until the end of lockdown. It has become so much part of my everyday routine and I look forward to posting a new word each morning.

My routine takes up to an hour the day before to find the picture quotes and corresponding word quotes and an hour to match them up in the mornings when I post them as each set of quotes need to make sense.

It really has been the most gratifying task ever as every day someone will message me and let me know how good the quote was or agree with what I have posted.

I believe we all need that little bit if inspiration, every day. Whether it’s just to get out of bed, to complete a task, to get through the day or to be able to go to work. Words have the power to make a difference in people’s lives.

This lockdown has given everyone the  valuble lesson of time, that we never had before and has also served as a reminder to be appreciative of all that we have in our lives and everyone that is in it.

May we never forget these lessons when all this is over .